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Yttrium Orthovanadate (YVO4)

YVO4 has good mechanical and physical properties and is ideal for optical polarizing components because of its wide transparency range and large birefringence. It has many applications including fiber optics isolators and circulators, beam displacers, glan polarizers and other polarizing optics, etc.

Basic Properties:
    Crystal Class:
    Positive uniaxial with no=na=nb,ne=nc
    Transparency Range:
    0.4 to 5 μm
    Crystal Symmetry:
    Zircon Tetragonal, space group D4h
    Mohs Hardness:
    5, glass-like
    Hygroscopic Susceptibility:
    Thermal Expansion Coefficiet:
    α a =4.43x10-6/K;α c =11.37x10-6/K
    Thermal Conductivity Coefficient:
    //C:5.23 W/m/K;       ⊥ C:5.10 W/m/K
    Thermal Optical Coefficient:
    Refractive Indices, Birefringence
    ( Δn = ne - no ) and Walk-off
    Angle at 45°( r ):
    0.63mm ne=2.2154, no=1.9929 Δn=0.2225 r=6.04 °
    1.30mm ne=2.1554, no=1.9500 Δn=0.2054 r=5.72 °
    1.55mm ne=2.1486, no=1.9447 Δn=0.2039 r=5.69 °
    Sellmeier Equation (l in mm):                   
    no2 = 3.77834 + 0.069736/(l2 - 0.04724) - 0.0108133l2
    ne2 = 4.59905 + 0.110534/(l2 - 0.04813) - 0.0122676l2
Main Specifications:
    Surface Quality:
    20/10 Scratch and Dig
    Beam Deviation:
    <20arc second
    o and e Beam Angle:
    <10 arc secondes
    λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
    Transmission Wavefront Distortion:
    <λ/2 @632.8 nm
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