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Lenses have many application ranging from the simple collection of the scaning of laser beams to precise imaging and image transfer. Lenses are classified as single lenses, cylindrical lenses and achromatic lenses according to the different applications. Polar Beam Technologies Inc. provides these lenses with the material of BK7, fused silica, sapphire and CaF2. Special focusing systems are able to be designed by engineers upon request.

Material BK7 grade A Fused silica UV grade Sapphire optical grade CaF2 optical grade
Design wavelength 546.1nm 546.1nm 546.1nm 1.5um
Design index 1.5183+/-0.0005 1.46008+/-0.0005 1.771 1.425
Diameter tolerance +0.0, -0.15mm +0.0, -0.15mm +0.0, -0.15mm +0.0, -0.15mm
Paraxial focal length +/-2% +/-2% +/-2% +/-2%
Centration 3 arc minutes 3 arc minutes 3 arc minutes 3 arc minutes
Clear aperture >80% >80% >80% >80%
Surface figure l/4@632.8nm l/4@632.8nm l/4@632.8nm l/4@632.8nm
Surface quality 60-40 60-40 80-50 80-50
Protective bevel option option option option
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