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C-Lens is specially designed with special material and profile for collimator used in fiber optics. C-Lens can transform the light from single mode fiber into a collimating beam in lower loss (IL, Insertion Loss), than Grin-lens, and perfectly return loss (RL). In reverse, C-Lens also can as a coupler from collimating beam into fiber. C-Lens can be designed for collimator at different working distance.

Main Specifications:

Material Glass
Thermal Expansion Coefficient <6x10-6/oC
Maximum Power 600mW
Diameter Tolerance +0.000, -0.010mm
Diameter Ellipticity <0.003mm
Wedge angle tolerance +/-0.2 deg.
Surface Quality 20/10
Flatneww <lambda/4@632.8nm
Centration <30 arc minutes
AR Coating R<0.2%@(design wavelength)+/-40nm
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