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Neodymium Doped Yttrium Vanadte (Nd:YVO4)

Nd:YVO4 is an excellent laser crystal with wide absorption band, high slope efficiency, low lasing threshold, linearly polarized emission. It's an idea crystal for diode laser-pumped compact laser and it's frequency doubled green, red or blue laser.

Basic Properties:
    Crystal Structure:
    Zircon Tetragonal, space group D 4h , a=b=7.12, c=6.29
    Mohs Hardness:
    Glass-like, ~5
    Thermal Conductivity Coefficient:
    || C: 5.23 W/m/K; ^ C: 5.10 W/m/K
    Lasing Wavelengths:
    914nm, 1064 nm, 1342 nm
    Fluorescent lifetime:
    Stimulated Emission Cross-Section:
    25.0x10 -19 cm 2 , @1064 nm
    Absorption Coefficient:
    31.4 cm -1 @ 808 nm
    Polarized Laser Emission:
    p polarization; parallel to optic axis (c-axis)
Main Specifications:
    Nd: Dopant Level:
    0.15 - 5.0 atm%
    Wavefront Distortion:
    <λ/4 at 633 nm
    ±0.5 deg
    Surface quality:
    10/5 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B
    λ/8 at 633 nm
    <10 arc sec
    Intrinsic Loss
    <0.1% cm-1
Every piece of Nd:YVO4 sent by Polar Beam Technologies Inc. will be tested in laser cavity to meet the requirements of our customers.

When ordering Nd:YVO 4 crystal, please specify Nd doping concentration, the size, surface quality, and coating specification. For further information please contact Polar Beam Technologies Inc..

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