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Titanium Doped Sapphire (Ti3+: Al2O3)

Titanium Doped Sapphire (Ti3+: Al2O3) is a material of the broadly tunable lasers. This type of laser is widely applied to scientific research on laser spectroscopy, photochemistry and nonlinear optics. It can also be used in laser radar for space and atmosphere, online monitoring and real-time sensing of parameters in industry, and laser medicine, etc.

Main Specifications:

Formula Ti3+: Al2O3
Crystal structure hexagonal
Density 3.98g/cm3
Hardness 9 Mohs
Refractive indices np=1.759; nm=1.767
Thermal conductivity 0.33W/k/cm(||c);  0.35W/k/cm(⊥c)
Birefringence 0.0082
Tuning range 0.06-1.1um
Pumping source Doubled YAG laser, argon or flash lamp
Output Pulse or continuous wave at room temperature
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