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Czochralski Ruby (Laser Ruby) is one of the best laser materials that can be extensively used in laser holography, plasma-diagnosis, laser ranging sensor, laser terrain-clearance indicator, laser micro analysis,and laser hole dinger, etc. The ruby laser, although a three-level system, still remains in use today for certain applications. From an application point of view, ruby is attractive because its output lies in visible range. Photo detectors and photographic emulsions are much more sensitive at the ruby wavelength than in the infrared. Spectroscopically, ruby processes an unusually favorable combination of a relatively narrow line width , a long fluorescent lifetime, a high quantum efficiency, and broad and well-located pump absorption bands which makes unusually efficient use of the pump radiation emitted by available flash lamps.

Main Specifications:

Interfering fringes in Rod(double pass) 0.5-0.25fringes/inch
Doping concentration Cr2O3
Substitution for Al2O3 0.05%, 0.03%
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